Together We Did Good. Thank You.

With your help, we donated 150,000lbs. worth of produce to underserved communities and made a difference in the lives of those living in food deserts.

Watch the videos below to learn more about food deserts and how we partnered with Wholesome Wave® to help improve access to fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Episode #1: Living In A Desert

    Follow a group of teens through a Los Angeles neighborhood, and see firsthand how difficult it can be to get healthy and affordable food in a food desert.
  • Episode #2: Where the Good Grows

    Visit Gama Farms, and see how local farmers and farmers’ markets make fresh, affordable food more accessible to families living in food deserts.
  • Episode #3: Nourishing Neighborhoods

    Check out the Wholesome Wave® block party, and see how Naked Juice® and Wholesome Wave® are bringing fresh produce to neighborhoods in need.