coconut water

health benefits

  • Replenish

    Get the nourishment you need with Mother Nature's nectar to leave you feeling happy and healthy.

  • Taste

    Our coconut water tastes like the coconut it came from. We've also added several juice flavors so you can replenish & taste the goodness nature has to offer!

  • Electrolytes

    It turns out that electrolytes DO grow on trees. Our 100% Pure coconut water is a good source of potassium (650 mg) and also has magnesium (23 mg).

  • No added sugar or preservatives

    Less is more. Naked Coconut Water has no added sugar or preservatives so you can get all the benefits coconut water offers! Stripped down to the bare essentials for you.

  • Not from concentrate

    Thanks Mother Nature! She works her goodness and we're bringing it to you. Not from concentrate.

  • Fat / Gluten / Cholesterol Free

    It's free! Coconut water is fat free, cholesterol free and gluten free. Nature knows how to spoil us without spoiling our bodies.